13 Incredible Digital Sculpting Videos

13 Incredible Digital Sculpting Videos

Last year I really got into digital sculpting and began my YouTube searches. It’s really incredible what you can learn just by watching YouTube videos. I’m very grateful that other artists are willing to share their work so that I can learn more.  Throughout the year, I began compiling a list of the most incredible digital sculpting videos.

Take a look at these videos. Whether you’re into digital sculpting or not, it’s easy to see that these artists have talent!

# 1 Ryan Kittleson: Success Kid

Ryan Kittleson is an extremely talented CG artist who taught character modeling courses at Full Sail University and now works as a freelance CG artist. His work is outstanding.  He even teaches courses on Lynda.com!

Take a look at how he brings this boy to live in this sculpt!

# 2 Damien Lam: Syndrome

I’ve posted some of Damien’s content before.   Damien is a freelance character artist who works in the film industry.  Sculpting is what he does in his free time!

Watch how he brings this character to life in this amazingly fast speed sculpt. 

# 3 Gustavo Profeta: Potter

Gustavo is another very talented CG artist. He uses concept art as a starting point and creates a 3D model in Brush. He posts many of his character sculpts on YouTube.

Watch his sculpting magic in this speed sculpt!

If you’re as amazed as I am, share this!

# 4 Claudiu R: Creatures

Claudiu shows how he first sketches the character out and then models them in 3D form. The techniques that he uses while creating this creature are truly skilled.

Take a look at how he transforms his sketches from 2D to 3D pieces of art!

# 5 Daniel Park: Sweet Girl

Daniel Park creates extremely life-like characters in zBrush then uses a 3D printer to create a tangible character.

Take a look at the process that he uses to sculpt his sweet girl!

# 6 Shane Olson 3D Toons: Sculpting A Moose in zBrush

Shane Olson is a digital sculptor known for his website 3DToons.com.  In this sculpt he models a smiling moose that’ll bring a smile to your own face!

Watch how he captures this creature!

# 7 RavenSlayer2000: Disney Tribute- Jasmine

If you’re a real Disney fan (like I am) you’ll appreciate the detail that RavenSlayer200o incorporates into his rendition of Princess Jasmine.

Take a look at how he uses zBrush to model the features of this beautiful Disney princess. 

# 8 Christ Whitaker of SupremeFunk: Daydreamer

Chris is a fantastic 3D artist who has created character art for games, apps and films. His sculpting skills will impress even the most talented of artists.

Watch as he captures the essence of this daydreamer.


# 9 ToutApprendre

This artist specializes in character modeling and captures the soul of this old man in this speed sculpt.

Take a look at his work in this video!

# 10 Shane Olson 3D Toons: Shane Glines Design to 3D Model

Shane does it again in this concept art drawn by Shane Glines. He explains his digital sculpting technique very well in this video.

Watch as he models this “pin-up” style character using a puppet as a baseline. 

# 11 Nick DuPree: Daily zBrush Sculpt 5.9.15

Nick is a 3D artist who starts his sculpts out rough by laying in the structure first, then smooths them out to create realistic characters.

Take a look at one of his daily zBrush sculpts here. 

# 12 Steve James: zBrush Head Timelapse

Steve truly makes digital sculpting look easy in this fascinating speed sculpt.

Watch as he starts by laying in basic shapes and refining them as he goes. 

# 13 Pluralsight Creative: Cartoon Character

If you’re interested in digital sculpting, I recommend trying Digital Tutors. They provide an incredible services to those of us trying to learn as much as we can without going back to college!

Take a look at this character sculpt which is explained in full step-by-step detail in a Digital Tutors course.