9 Christmas Gifts For Digital Artists

9 Christmas Gifts For Digital Artists

Are you looking for an awesome Christmas gift for a digital artist?  I’ve got some ideas for you!  Being a digital artist myself, I know exactly what I would put on the top of my Christmas list.

# 1 Artists’ Manikin

11 Christmas Gifts For Digital Artists

Every artist needs a manikin. It helps them to capture the body in the pose they’re imagining.  This manikin in particular has a more detailed face and hands. It’s easy to pose and manipulate into the position you’d like to recreate.  This company also makes a male manikin!

# 2 Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Medium Touch Tablet

11 Christmas Gifts For Digital Artists

If you’re after a larger price ticket gift, this Wacom tablet will change digital art for the artist you have in mind. It’s incredibly easy to use and makes digital art feel more like tradition art on paper. This tablet will excite and inspire ANY digital artist looking to up their skills.

# 3 Chair Mount Ergonomic Keyboard

11 Christmas Gifts For Digital Artists

If you’ve ever done any amount of work sitting at the computer, you know that eventually you get a little achy in certain areas.  This is especially true if you’re using your hands and arms to create art! This keyboard tray attaches to your desk chair and allows you to place it in the most comfortable position for you to to create the best art possible!

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# 4 Make Your Own Luck

11 Christmas Gifts For Digital Artists

This thorough guide will help prep digital artists on what to expect and how to make it!  Take a look at the description below:

One of today’s most refreshing young creatives gives the inside scoop on how to make it as a graphic artist. From art school student to designer for Nike, Topshop, and Google, Kate Moross has lived the life that young graphic artists dream of. But it hasn’t always been a smooth ride, and in this informative memoir and guide Moross offers true insider’s tips on how to make it in a highly competitive field. Written in an approachable, forthright, and refreshingly honest tone, Make Your Own Luck features chapters on how to thrive in art school, developing your own style, how to self-promote, collaboration with other artists, how to deal with “copycats”, and when to consider working for free. She also touches on the fine points of music packaging and videos, how to find an agent, and looks back on the touchstone moments that helped shape her career.

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# 5 Quillus Artist Stylus Brush

11 Christmas Gifts For Digital Artists

Many digital artists do much of their work on tablets.  If that’s the case for the artist you’re giving to, a high quality art stylus is the way to go!  There are so many art apps that can really pull at an artist’s creative juices.  A stylus is a must-have!

# 6 Digital Tutors Yearly Subscription

11 Christmas Gifts For Digital Artists

What’s better than giving the gift of knowledge?  Purchasing a year of unlimited digital art lessons from Digital Tutors can make all of the difference in the eyes of an artist trying to improve their skills or learn and fine-tune new skills. This website offers a huge amount of digital art lessons that art broken down into manageable lessons that anyone can follow.

 # 7 Digital Painting Techniques

11 Christmas Gifts For Digital Artists

If you know a digital artist who wants to amp up their skills or an art student, this book is loaded with excellent tips, techniques and methods to begin digital painting like a pro!

Now in its seventh year, Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 7 continues the tradition of showcasing the latest digital painting trends and techniques from industry experts, including Reneé Chio and Cris Delara. Reneé is a classically trained animator and self-taught illustrator with five years of experience in the animation industry and a massive fanbase. Delara is a pin-up specialist with nearly twenty years of experience in various artistic industries.

For the full book description, click here!

# 8 iPad Air Case

11 Christmas Gifts For Digital Artists

Get a beautifully designed iPad case! Every artist needs to arrive in style.  Check out the bold patterns sold here at Amazon! Find the one that best matches the personality of the artist you have in mind.

# 9 Digital Gift Cards for iTunes or Amazon

11 Christmas Gifts For Digital Artists

Many artists are using tablets and apps to create art.  Give an iTunes e-gift card and let them choose which apps best meet their needs. They can also use the gift card to purchase digital magazines to help them stay up to date on the latest digital art techniques by subscribing to magazines such as Computer Arts.

Another option is to give a gift card to Amazon.  Amazon sells almost every art supply ever needed!  I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with an Amazon gift card!