An Amazing Disney Style Speed Sculpt That Will Impress You

An Amazing Disney Style Speed Sculpt That Will Impress You

An Amazing Speed Sculpt That Will Impress You- Anchor Me Designs

Photo Source: DL Concepts

This Disney style speed sculpt will impress you- I promise!

I have to just get it out there.  I’m a huge Disney fan.  I went to Disney World almost every year growing up and I can honestly say I’ve watched every Disney movie ever made.   With that being said, I’ve been studying Disney Pixar character art.  There is something so appealing about even the ugliest of characters.

I’m learning that the artists use a combination of straight lines and curves.  They use realism to capture the emotion with a mixture of exaggerated features and simplified features to draw your attention and win your heart.

Isn’t this character beautiful? From the shape of her face, to the detail of the clothing and the flow of her hair- she is gorgeous and has Disney princess potential! Are you curious about how she was made?  The beauty of technology is that the whole process can be filmed from start to finish. It took him nearly 5 hours to complete but you can watch the whole thing in under 5 minutes.

This is my absolute favorite “speed sculpt” I’ve come across.  Damien Lam is a truly talented artist who uses the features of zBrush to quickly and fluidly create an amazing Disney style character.

Watch how Damien Lam speed “sculpts” this character and applies Disney Pixar rules.